Learn English by speaking with an AI

Practice realistic conversations. Get instant grammar feedback. Anytime, anywhere.        

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Build confidence in a low-pressure environment

With Toko, you can speak English every day. No one will judge you for making mistakes. Speaking with Toko is convenient AND stress-free!      

Two iPhones side by side. Left iPhone displaying the Toko app, featuring a voice-message conversation about hobbies where the user is in the middle of recording a message. Right iPhone displaying the Toko app, with one message highlighted and a menu of options below it displaying the ability to show text, play the message slower, and translate the message.

Excel at work

Communicate easily with international colleagues and customers.


Thrive abroad

Make friends and discover new cultures while traveling and living abroad.


Pass Exams

Breeze through the TOEIC, IELTS, and TOEFL speaking sections.

Get instant grammar feedback

Using state of the art technology, Toko can give you grammar and pronunciation feedback like a 1:1 tutor.

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iPhone deisplaying the Toko app, featuring a grammar suggestion, correcting "I like clothes that are comfortable for wearing" to "I like clothes that are comfortable to wear".

Unlimited practice with unlimited topics

Choose from useful topics like small talk, everyday life, in the workplace, or current events. Or, chat about anything you want in Free Talk mode.

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iPhone displaying the Toko app, featuring the content library. Many topics are shown, including hobbies, your day, travel, food, the business secticon, and free talk.

English Learners ❤️  Toko

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Strongly recommend Toko

Toko has been very helpful for my speaking skills. Through frequent AI conversations with Toko, my speaking ability has improved a lot. I can also improve my grammar, and it's fun to use – not boring. I strongly recommend Toko to friends who want to improve their speaking and listening skills. Compared to the cost of hiring a real person to practice speaking, it's really much cheaper.

Sara Chen 陳庭

Apr 14, 2023

5 yellow stars indicating the user's App Store rating.

Super convenient English conversation practice app

I used Toko in February and it helped me speak more fluently for the TOEFL test.  I was able to practice English at any time – it was like joining an English learning camp not bound to any location. This September, I came to Boston for my Master's. Since I used Toko daily, now I can communicate with people from all around the world. Thank you very much!


Oct 27, 2022

5 yellow stars indicating the user's App Store rating.

Very powerful app

I originally thought that talking to AI would be very rigid, but it turned out to be fluid and free-flowing. I felt like I was really chatting with a person, which was super surprising


Oct 27, 2022

5 yellow stars indicating the user's App Store rating.

TOKO’s coolness u don’t want to miss

This app completely amaze me. I’ve never thought an AI will improve a lot of conversation flaws from what I have before. It will be a good help in my career and as well in my personal life too. It is also a good way of being reminded the proper English structure.

gsndrhnstegu yin

Oct 17, 2022

Five-star rating

Convenient, very easy to use

It is very convenient, it can be used anywhere, you can stop when you want, and do it later. The chat is very real, and the AI ​​answers very well when asked questions. If you want to talk about everything and anything, I recommend using Toko!


Jun 15, 2022

5 yellow stars indicating the user's App Store rating.

Amazing software

Your English will definitely improve if you use Toko!


Nov 3, 2022

5 yellow stars indicating the user's App Store rating.

Great tool for practicing speaking a foreign language

Very suitable for people who lack a foreign language environment~~ Your listening and speaking skills will get better and better!


Dec 9, 2022

5 yellow stars indicating the user's App Store rating.

Super realistic dialogue

You can practice listening first, and then see the words if you don’t comprehend. Although it takes time, it feels like chatting with foreigners. The best part is, it will wait for you 😄😄


Nov 11, 2022

Toko team playing shuffleboard
The US-based Toko team playing corn hole 🌽🕳 on a rooftop vineyard in Brooklyn 🍇🍷🥰

Made in Brooklyn 🍎

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